Sunday, June 1, 2008

What to do during your business downtime.

Businesses have their ups and downs--learn how to be productive during these tough and sometimes trying times. We've come up with a few tips to help you out.

Can you improve your current products? This includes images, item descriptions, etc. If you own a photography business do you include a picture of what your art looks like hung on a wall? If you own a jewelry business do you have a picture of what the jewelry looks like worn whether it be on a human or a display? For whatever business you own do you have pictures of the packaging? Customers like seeing how their items will arrive. It also gives your business a more professional touch.

Are your item descriptions simple and to the point? Do you include product dimensions? What about possible uses for your items? Customers may like a particular item and hesitate purchasing it because they do not know how to use it. Inspire them. Some people like to write little stories about their items or write the description in the viewpoint of the item. Get creative!

Is your packaging appealing? Do you send your items in a ziplock bag and call it good? Customers appreciate good packaging, and it also implies that you take pride in your business. Nice packaging doesn’t have to be pricey either. If you make key chains you can put them inside a ziplock bag inside of an organza bag. If you make jewelry you can put the item inside of a cotton-filled box. If you’re especially crafty you can even make your own envelopes, tags, and/or thank you notes.

Increase your inventory. Holiday preparation is a good idea when your business experiences slow summer days. Around the holidays your will be extremely busy, and having holiday items premade will save you a lot time!

Find new ways to promote. Local newspapers, flyers, post cards, classifieds, word of mouth, pens, shirts, car decals, etc! Be creative with your promotions.

Try something new. Is there a craft that you have been wanting to try? Perhaps you crochet, but you've always wanted to try making earrings. Go for it! You will broaden your customer base if you include a larger variety of items in your shop.

Start a blog. Blogs are a great past time, and people enjoy reading them. You can blog about your business including new item updates, special events, and more. You can offer advice, and you can make tutorials to teach people how to craft. Blogs are a fun way for customers to get to know the merchant behind the business.

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esque said...

Great article, I have most of these items down already, but there is always room for improvement!



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