Sunday, January 31, 2010

Under the Dome.

I recently finished reading Stephen King's new book Under the Dome. Both my librarian and I were shocked about how large this book is - over 1,000 pages! But don't let the size intimidate you. I've read a lot of Stephen King's books, and this is one of the best...right up there with Lisey's Story and The Cell. (per my opinion)

It's about a small town in Maine that is suddenly covered underneath an impenetrable dome (and the break down of the entire town.) It was amazing, and he did a very good job with the details. At the end of the book in the author's note he mentions how he wanted to start this book back in the 80's but never felt he could write it the way it needed to be written. I'm glad that he finally wrote it - I think after all of his writing experience he wound up sharpening his skill just enough to compliment the story of this book quite nicely.

If you're a Stephen King fan and have not yet read it, what are you waiting for? I've seen it on sale in a lot of local stores, and it's free at the library.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fresh. Bring it on 2010.

Another decade is upon us, and since it is only January thoughts of resolutions and goals still cloud our heads. I have one main goal this year, and that is to successfully run __1337 Art so I do not have to work at a day job for someone else. Here are a few things I am working on:

Simple is Good - I have some left over necklaces (including new cameos, lockets, and masculine pendants) from a craft show. They are all very simple designs with a pendant on either suede, copper chain, silver ball chain, or gunmetal chain. Sometimes simple is good, and all you want to is wear something simple. I will have a few installments of this miniature series, and once these necklaces are gone they may not be available as part of my regular inventory.

Clean Studio - I never thought I had so many beads and supplies until I spent a day organizing them and still have a few containers to go! A clean, organized workspace is important, and now that I see that my tables have a clear surface I now feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more inspired. Starting off a new decade with a clean space is totally worth it. If I were you I would do it now. (!)

Masculine Pieces - I have three necklaces designed with men in mind waiting to be finished, photographed, edited, written about, and listed. You should see these available within a week or so. I would like to focus on more necklaces, bracelets, cuff links, and other accessories for men this year.

You can also expect more frequent postings to my blog and email newsletter. If you are not yet signed up for that you can subscribe in the box in the right hand column of this page.

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