Friday, June 12, 2009

Time to Think Ahead.

I conducted a small survey with 160 participants regarding when they start shopping for Christmas gifts. If you take a look at this chart you'll notice that a majority wait until November and December.

These results have me thinking about my three shops (I recently opened one on Madeitmyself) and how to prepare them for the upcoming Christmas season.

I want over 200 items in my Etsy Shop, over 150 in my Artfire Shop, and at least 100 in my Madeitmyself Shop.

Since the times are slow I need to take this time to really evaluate my shops, my items, my supplies, etc. to determine what steps I need to take to make this season a successful one. My first step, obviously, is to use this down time to create new designs. Step two: organize my studio. I'm not going to fret and worry about low views and sales at this point, and as a result I have been away from the Internet and all things social networking for the last couple of weeks.

After my Honeymoon/Vacation next month I'm going to look over my design/new idea books and hoard on supplies in August so I can spend August and September sitting in the middle of my bead mess and create until my fingers threaten to stop working. Until then I'm going to utilize the supplies I currently have and work hard to keep my shops inventory stocked (and update my blog more often!)

Thank you very much for reading. I hope this chart is helpful to your business. And good luck this holiday season!

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