Sunday, May 23, 2010

Welcome to the Artist behind 1337 Art.

Sometimes it’s hard to find words for a blog when said blog is being introduced as a sole website. You can’t get too personal because then a new visitor will be confused on what you are trying to sell when they visit your “website” and see posts about recipes and recently read books. And you can’t get to know the person behind the small business when they express themselves professionally…

And that is why I changed my website so my blog and it’s content are no longer the center of attention. My website is now my Artfire shop, which also has an integrated blog where I can transfer these posts to there. Both things are separate, and personal vs. business are now on friendly terms.

I was confused and overwhelmed with the thought of posting a new entry to my blog, because the constant battle between Personal and Business was something I couldn’t choose sides on…which explains all of the non-frequent entries.

Problem solved. Case closed. Welcome to the Artist behind 1337 Art. It’s nice to meet you.

<3 Christina

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