Friday, July 18, 2008

Juvenile Rockstar Necklace

This Juvenile Rockstar Necklace was designed with teens and preteens in mind. The design is simple, but it offers a lot of style.

We made this necklace adjustable by having the ends tie together. This also allows for the necklace to be worn over the years as your preteen/teen grows. It also makes putting it on and taking it off a breeze.

The entire necklaces measures 28.5 inches from one end to the other.

The star pendant measures 28mm.

Are you interested in this necklace, but you would like the silk ribbon or the star to be a different color? Please feel free to contact us so we can make the right necklace for you.

Made with Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, and Hand Dyed Silk Ribbon.

This will make the perfect gift for that special girl in your like. It is inexpensive, and it's something she will treasure for years to come -- the perfect investment!

You can find our Juvenile Rockstar Necklace for sale at our Etsy Shop:

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Unknown said...

I just love that necklace, I actually have something similar to that and I'm interested to find the stylish men's necklace.


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