Friday, August 7, 2009

Back from Maui and Back to Work!

I recently got back from my Maui honeymoon...very adventurous to say the least. We had some good times.

It's time to get to work! Christmas and the other holidays are creeping up...and I am far from prepared.

I'm moving into my husband's house, and I'm getting my own studio!!! The progress is slow, but every little step is so exciting. At the moment I am beyond thrilled that there is enough space on the floor in there for me to sit down. I still need to work on my thank you cards from the reception, and once I lay out all of my papers and embellishments I hope it rekindles my desire for collage work.

My Goals:

1. Blog daily
2. Add new items weekly to my shops: Etsy and Artfire
3. Send out monthly email newsletters.
4. Organize/finish my studio area.
5. Make many new items!

I am going to go on a supply binge that will hopefully tide me over until after the Christmas season, but I do love my supplies...

(if there is something you are wanting to see more of, at all, or just as a general suggestion please let me know email or comment so I can plan for it. :] )

__1337 Art is taking custom orders again! You can note me or send an email to with your serious inquiry/request.

Coming Soon:

New Stud Earrings.
Champagne Rose Stud Earrings.
New Gemstone Rings.
Gemstone Chip earrings.
Themed Cameo necklaces. (think Hemingway & Victorian)
Gunmetal and Antiqued Copper Filigree Rings.
Gunmetal and Antiqued Copper Filigree Chandelier Earrings.
And more...(!)

Look forward to daily blog posts hopefully by next week and new items in my shops.

Enjoy your weekend!

__1337 Art

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