Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poll Results: Shipping Turnaround Time

I conducted a survey with 168 participants regarding their desired turnaround times for their orders to be shipped. You can view the results in the above image, and below you can read some of their helpful comments:

"I understand that people don't always have time to ship immediately. So, the Tuesdays and Fridays option. (I'm used to 6 months long waits....)"

"I said other because usually artists have two jobs, a "regular" job and their artwork...if you balance out all of that and life in general, it comes down to when your next free day to go to the post office is :)

From a business stand point however, and given the way some customers can be absolutely horrible (if it arrives so much as one day later than what you said, they post nasty reviews all over the internet and tell their acquaintances not to buy from you, so on and so forth) I would say Tuesdays and Fridays."

"Well, a shipment asapc would be the best, and by ASAPC I mean "as soon as you possibly can", when you receive the payment etc.
If there is to be a delay, I'd like to know about it, I'd appreciate it!

I hope this was helpful :)"

"It depends if you pay for shipping. If shipping was free then i wouldn't mind waiting a week or two for it to be shipped, but if i had paid for shipping, especially if it was expensive, then i would expect it to be shipped the next day, or within a few days if it wasn't too expensive.
Hope i helped :)"

Thank you so much for reading. I hope these results were helpful to you. Be sure to check back next Tuesday for more poll results.



the Lost Earring said...

Great information here! Thanks for sharing :)

Christie Cottage said...

I have had to wait one month for items to arrive. (From my Country)

I ship the same day if the mail has not run, or the following business day.

I like for people to receive their orders right away. I want them to come back again :-)

Thanks for posting on my blog thread.



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