Monday, August 30, 2010

I collect coffee mugs.

I'm not hoarding; I just know what I like.

Okay. I admit. I collect coffee mugs. When I travel or go to a concert I need to bring home a mug. And nothing beats a $0.50 mug from a thrift store either.

They go great with my other addiction: coffee. Mugs are homey and cozy. I would have a whole cupboard (and more!) full if I could but I guess two whole shelves worth is enough for now.

I see it as a great welcoming gesture to have a friend walk through the door, and then to hand them a nice, steaming cup of yummy coffee from my mismatched coffee mug collection.

It's a weird habit to acquire; just the act of collecting something. Seeing an inanimate object that has a personal connection to you that you want to surround yourself with it. And everyone has their own thing to collect.

Here are some popular collections:

*baseball cards
*comic books
*novelty statues

So, dear reader, what do you collect? Why do you feel a pull towards these things?

Please feel free to post a comment of your collection.

Thank you for reading.


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