Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Studio Office in Progress

My husband and I finally moved in to our first place. It's a house that is right across the street from a lake, which provides a nice view. And I get my own studio office!

I started my business at my computer desk and a small corner of my bedroom, which evolved into transporting between two houses, then when I married and moved, I shared a room with my husband's computer/game room, and finally, I get my own space!

I have made a little progress since these pictures were taken. A lot more boxes and random things were piled into the room, then unpacked and stacked and unstacked. I had shelves mounted in my previous place of residence, and it will probably be awhile before those are put up in this room...but I found an awesome big black shelf at Costco that I hope to bring home soon.

Instead of painting the walls bright green for now I'm happy settling with artwork all over the walls: posters, prints, etc. One of my favorite places to shop for artwork is Deviant Art. It's a community of independent artists, and some of the things I find on there are just amazing.

I'll definitely keep posting more pictures as my studio office progresses. If you have any design tips or ideas I'd love to hear them!

Thank you so much for reading. Look for more updates soon.



Southern Belle said...

Awesome new space and D.A. is a great place.

southwestskyjewelry said...

I have a suggestion: if you have room for it, a nice long table with nothing on it is great. I use mine all the time as a place to make up shipping boxes and packages, and as a work table. At night I clear it off so it doesn't start to accumulate clutter.

Having your own work space is great!

1337 Art said...

Thanks, Southern Belle!

Southwestskyjewelry - I have two semi-long tables, and I plan on getting another one specifically for shipping. My previous problem was having so many projects going at once I couldn't see the surface of the two tables. I have so much more room now so hopefully I can always keep them both clear.


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