Friday, April 4, 2008

I want to thank...

I wanted to say a special "thank you" to two great, creative people. The first one is LadyJinx of Deviant Art.

Deviant Art is an artistic community where all forms of art are shared.

I met LadyJinx when I was browsing the recently submitted jewelry pieces. She has a great eye for design, and after awhile the two of us hit if off, and we're like each other's cheerleaders when it comes to new pieces.

She was kind enough to feature me in her profile, and I wanted to say a big THANK YOU!!! Please some take a look at her deviant art page. She also has a great eye for photography!

I also want to thank NYblaque for her lovely and very sweet feature of me in her blog. Last week my boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary, and she wished us the best of luck. <3 Please feel free to visit her blog and her Etsy Shop for more designs.

Thank you both for your support and kindness.

And thank you for taking the time to read.

Enjoy your weekend,

CM Designs
Elite Art for the elite at heart.

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