Thursday, April 17, 2008

What Inspires You?

There are so many things in this world that try to keep us down...but what inspires us to push our way through the muck and negativity of the environment we live in?

Inner Passion: Without ourselves we have no inspiration. What is it that "fuels our fire?" Do you want to impress someone? Do you need to prove or express yourself?

Purpose: Creating gives us a sense of purpose. Why must we do anything if there is no gain? Always ask "why?" Why do I paint? Why do I write? Why do I want others to experience what I have to offer? We are all human, and we all want to be apart of our world.

People: The opinions of others have a dramatic effect on our creativity, whether positive or negative. You may feel like you have to prove yourself to someone, and you may also feel that you have to prove someone's false judgments wrong. Or perhaps you want to give someone else joy. Your creativity evolves around a single persons wants, likes, dislikes until you have yourself a finished product.

Colors: Some people are easily inspired by colors. Our moods are said to be effected by what colors we choose to wear and what colors attract our eyes the most. When you look at the bright blue sky, do you think "run for shelter" or "I wonder if I can catch that on canvas?" Some of my designs started out with a group of colors that I felt went well together.

Weather: Weather changes mood. Weather also induces memories. Do you feel the most creative sitting under the shade of a tree or when you are cuddled up on your porch while you watch the rain pour or the snow meander to the ground?

Hidden Meanings: There are people out there, such as myself, who feel the need to express ourselves outwardly, but secretly. We write stories and poetry with references and ideas that no one but us will recognize (or so we think!). It makes us feel comfortable knowing that we can show the world what we did without them knowing what we mean.

Symbols and Traditions: Inspiration can be aroused when we discover what a color or a gemstone or an animal represents (among other things, of course.) Mythology, for example, has been the pinnacle of many people's inspiration. Dragons, wizards, magic...fantasy, adventure, the impossible.

If you read this may you always be inspired.

Thank you so much for reading.

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Distressing Delilah said...

So many, many things inspire me! A wonderful beautiful day, a grey gloomy day..I warm breeze..a childs is so endless! I think everyone has art inside them..needing to come out!

Anonymous said...

Awesome post, I loved reading this!!!


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