Friday, November 7, 2008

For the Love of Books and Literature.

With shorter days and longer nights rapidly approaching it is such a great time to cuddle up with a huge novel and enjoy the written words of another soul.

Take a visit to your local library and register for a free library card. Most libraries offer you a free selection of books, music cds, and dvds as well as large print books and books on audio tape.

As long as you return your “checked out” items on time everything is completely free. A lot of counties also have an online website where you can check on your personal account as well as view your library’s entire inventory as well as put in requests for your local branch to hold certain items for you for local pick up.

If you prefer to own your books and Half Price Books have a great selection of new and used books for a great value.

I find myself wanting to read much more often coincidentally with the change in seasons and time. I have had the desire to write books myself since I was in grade school. One of my dreams in life is to publish a novel and have it be well received. Until them I am content with reading the words that inspired the author’s fame.

Thank you so much for reading,

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Adorebynat said...

Actually visiting a library is one of things that I miss from Canada. I loved going to a library when I was in Vancouver. Full of selection and it's free! Couldn't agree more with you on that. It'd actually be better for my pocket. Rather than buying new books for my baby son, I could just borrow tons of books.

Forever Foxed said...

I actually work in a library so I wholeheartedly agree! EVERYONE should make use of the wonderful facilities available. Most services are free, what more could anyone want? Now I can get off my soapbox, lol!

Pfeiffer Photos said...

We LOVE our libraries in Portland. I used to buy books but now I just visit bookstores to write down names of books...then go to the library to read them for free! :0)

Amber Dawn said...

our tiny library is currently closed because they are moving into a very LARGE newly built library and I am SO excited to for it to open. I really need to take the time to sit quietly and read some good books. One of my favorite things to do.


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