Saturday, March 14, 2009

Etsy Artist Feature - TamarHammer

It is important to show the world the charms of handcrafted items, and I plan to do this one artist at a time. Today I feature TamarHammer from Eugene, Oregon.

Below you will find Tamar's interview:

1. What is the first memory of crafting that you can recall?

I remember my self painting from ever. My first “piece” that I was really proud of was a shoe from clay – it was pretty abstract but for me it looked amazing (I was 7……)

2. What are some of your favorite past times?

Playing and making art with my son, writing, reading

3. What do you specialize in?

Painting, illustration and graphic design.
All the cards and magnets in my store are based on my original designs, painting and illustrations.

4. What made you decide to open up a shop on Etsy?

Oh - try to find a better way to sell my stuff other than marketing myself to stores – which means being in competition with Hallmark …which is of course ridiculous……
I like Etsy – there is such a positive and kind environment for both customers and sellers. I also found it to be a very inspiring place.

5. How did you choose your shop name?

…Just after my name – it felt authentic to me…I still remember my disappointment when I found that there is no real Sarah lee beyond the corporation …

6. What are your hopes for the future?

To enlarge my store and get to know more people that do crafts.

7. How do you feel about custom orders?

I’m sure open to that.

8. Try to sum up your workspace in as few words as possible.

My interests are quite diverse. That’s why at times I create whimsical paintings, greeting cards and magnets that are suitable for every occasion – ancient mosaics, flowers and my original comics and collages, while in other times I find my self drawn to special events - birthdays, Valentine’s Day and Jewish holidays.

9. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I’m having a lot of fun writing my blog. I write about issues connected to my designs and every day life thoughts and stories.

You can read there also my list about the mosaics and flowers card:

Featured Items:

Kites at the Coast, Fun Collage Painting Card


Owl Love ,one of a kind hand-painted owl magnets (Set of 2)

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Audrey said...

That is a really nice feature! I love reading about other shops and what they are doing.


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