Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Poll Results: Halloween Jewelry

I recently held a poll regarding the popularity of Halloween themed jewelry. There were 213 participants, and the majority of them were thrilled with all things Halloween. I'm surprised that vampires did not rank higher, and that the witches had only one fan. (I was a witch for Halloween for about 5 years in a row!)

There is still plenty of time before Halloween. I have already introduces some skull cameo earrings in my Etsy Shop, and I have a few more skull cameo pieces up my sleeve as well as some Halloween colored goodies. Maybe a couple of other themes if things work out as planned.

What is your favorite part about this holiday? I liked dressing up in school and having little class parties. In Elementary school we used to do a costume parade - so much fun! Now I think I like the candy corn Hershey kisses the best.

I hope these results were helpful to you artisans out there. Thank you so much for reading.

__1337 Art

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Cindy Lietz, Polymer Clay Tutor said...

These results are interesting. They are a little different than I expected but not too far off. I've made a fair amount of skull and crossbones beads and sold them year round, so I wasn't surprised about them ranking high. I would have thought candy corn and pumpkins would have been higher though. Thanks for doing this poll and sharing your results!


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