Friday, January 6, 2012

In another life I'd want to be...

An amazing cake decorator. I suppose it's doable now, but I've missed so many years of practice.

One year for my mom's birthday I decided to make her a three layer cake. Unfortunately somehow it fell in on itself, and it was so odd my brother that eats everything didn't even want it.

One year for my anniversary I made my husband some cookies with monkey and dragon shaped cookie cutters. Somehow they didn't hold their shape so he had to go by my word that they were in fact the monkeys and dragons...only blobs.

Apparently baking is just not my thing, but I still enjoy the attempt. I think the closest I will get to be an amazing cake decorator is the fun of making shaped baked goods for my husband's birthday and future kids' birthdays.

I think I'll stick to the beads. :]

The picture is a dog cake from Albertson's that I bought for my mom's birthday last year.

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