Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Unique Clip On Earrings

I've been meaning to make more clip on earrings, and I've finally done it! These clip on earrings are made with hand blown glass beads that sit inside of a silver plated brass spiral cage.

There are blue with black spiral stripes, red with black and white spiral stripes, and brown ones with black spiral stripes.

These earrings are truly fun and unique. Each bead varies in color, shape, and size, and the silver spirals are slightly different than the others.

Looking for a gift for someone with unpierced ears? Look no further! These clip on earrings are available in my Etsy Shop.

Thank you so much for looking! I hope to make more clip on earrings in the near future.


Lostlemonade said...

Oh where were these before I got my ears pierced (I was 30 when that happened)?! These are fab!

Amithigirl said...

Gorgeous clip earrings:)

Annette said...

The color of the beads are just gorgeous and the earrings themselves are beautiful!

1337 Art said...

@Lostlemondade, aww sorry! I'm glad you like them!

@Amithigirl, Thank you!

@Annette, Thank you! I had fun coming up with this design.


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