Monday, March 3, 2008

Coffee Inspiration. <3

I've been wanting to add some more coffee related items to my Etsy shop, and I have 3 more to start with!

The first is a cell charm that can also be made into a key chain. Very's something that your cell phone is begging for.

It features glass coffee bean beads and a pewter coffee cup.

You can also use it as a zipper pull. And a purse charm.

You can find it for sale here.

Next I have a lovely pair of earrings that remind me of mochas and yummy!

They feature light brown cat's eye beads and creamy and dark brown glass beads.

Hoop earrings are an inexpensive and stylish trend. They'd be perfect for your coffee date.

Are you going to be sending a coffee invitation to a friend you don't see very often? Why not slip these in with it!

You can find them for sale here.

Lastly I have a coffee bookmark that matched the cell charm.

Bookmarks are starting to become a trend of their own. Some people collect them, others use them to accessorize their favorite books.

This adorable little guy is in a convenient 3.5 inch size. Perfect for reading on the go!

You can purchase it here.

Look forward to more coffee inspired items in the time to come. I plan to add a great variety of items having everything to do with that lovely thing called coffee.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read. If you have any suggestions or feedback, you may leave a comment here, or you may send me an email at

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