Friday, October 24, 2008

Roses: Love, Beauty, and Romance.

I will never tire of looking at a rose. It is fascinating to watch a bud turn into a full bloom in a matter of days. They are so inspiring and beautiful; no two petals are the same, and you can't help but sigh lovingly when your significant other surprises you with a bouquet or miniature plant...sometimes even a single red rose.

Trying to verbalize or portray my personal obsession/connection with roses is a task I will not soon partake. They will forever hold dear a relation to all things romantic and innocent, and the rest is transcribed into endless feelings and soft memories of smiles, kisses, and hugs.

Even though roses do not last forever, their presence will remain in the heart of the receiver for all time. Now is the perfect time to surprise your love with a single red rose whether it is one you purchase in a store or one you borrow from a neighborhood yard.

Roses will never go out of style.

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1 comment:

Forever Foxed said...

The smell of roses has to be one of the best scents ever!


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