Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reasons to Send Holiday Cards This Year

It's getting to be that kind of year where you are thinking about how to spread the holiday cheer with gifts to your friends, your family, your coworkers or classmates, and the list always seems to grow...

And you come to the realization that you cannot afford to provide a gift to all of these people, but you can't shake the feeling of wanting to do something for them. I often feel the same way. I try to think of small inexpensive gifts to get everyone, but even this ends up being expensive because I want it to still be "nice."

So the solution is holiday and/or Christmas cards. Yes, the idea seems simple and "not enough," but last year when I was writing out all of our cards my husband wanted to give some to his coworkers. The night he came home after handing them out to everyone he told me about their responses and comments. Many people told him how unexpected and appreciative they were because they never get holiday cards from anyone, and the card he gave them made their day. Hearing this made me feel all fuzzy inside.

Giving people well thought out personal holiday cards is the best inexpensive gift that you can give them. They can display the card in their locker or desk at work to read during times they are having a bad day, or they can take them home to put out on the table.

Last year I sent maybe around 50 cards, and I received less than 5. In honesty it was disappointing, but I clung to the thought that the people I sent mine to appreciated the thought.

Cards don't have to be expensive or handmade. This year I found a great deal on plain cards, and I plan to write out a nice personal message/holiday greeting in them. The image on the front of the cards are nice and festive enough, but people will focus on the handwritten note inside.

Though I must say on more than one occasion at work a coworker gave everyone a card, but they just signed their name and didn't add anything to the simple printed message "Happy Holidays" that was inside. I know I should be grateful that they took the time to give me a card, but it just felt really impersonal.

A few questions for my readers: Do you ever send or receive holiday cards? How does it make you feel? Do you plan to send any this year?

Thank you so much for reading.


Sandra's Fiberworks said...

I so agree -- Christmas cards are the one time of year I'm often in touch with distance family relatives or old friends, ones not always on facebook...:)) and I resent when I get that generic signature! I especially sad that people are resorting to e-cards. It's nice to actually get a paper card in the mail!

1337 Art said...

Hi! Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment.

E-cards make me think of viruses so I am very leery if someone ever sends me one. But it's the thought that counts, right?


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