Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Looking for an Etsy or Artfire alternative?

It's not easy to find a venue to sell your handcrafted items, your craft supplies, or your vintage finds. Sometimes a major venue like or can make major changes that will effect your business negatively.

Some people feel that there are no alternatives out there for selling their items other than Etsy, Artfire, or even Ebay. But there are two sites out there that are slowly gaining momentum, and they both offer great tools to help you succeed with your business.

The first alternative is It is Australia based, however, anyone in the world can set up shop. They currently have a free basic account where you can list up to 50 items for free, and they also have a month-to-month premium account as well as a yearly premium account. Currently their monthly price is $9.95 and their yearly price is $79.00. At the time of this post they are offering a free 45 day premium trial using code 45FREE, and it expires in 3 days.

To check out their complete list of features follow the link below:

I opened my Zibbet Shop in 2009, and to date I have sold 2 items. They do not have much internal traffic, and their site can be slow. But their admin is quick to answer questions, and there are a lot of great items for sale. The listing process is easy, and you can import your Artfire and/or Etsy shop items into your Zibbet shop using their free importer.

The other alternative is Craft is Art. It's a fairly new marketplace that accepts supplies, vintage items, and handmade items. They offer you the option to accept payments via Google Checkout, Amazon Payments,, PayPal, and Checks/Money Orders.

They have a basic pay as you go account as well as a premium monthly or yearly account. Premium accounts can offer multiple quantities, variances (colors, sizes, etc.), and so much more. You can either pay a monthly fee of $8.99 or you can pay for a year for only $79.99. You can also import your Etsy and/or Artfire shop items into your Craft is Art shop as well as your feedback score if you choose to.

They also offer you the opportunity to have a free for life account if you refer 5 people to open a premium shop. I need only two more people to use my referral codes, and my shop there will be free!

If you plan to go premium there (either monthly or yearly) please use one of my referral codes:



To check out their full list of options and tools follow the link below:

Craft is Art is very quick to submit your products to Google, and you can set up your Google Analytics account so you can track your traffic. I've sold 3 items there to date in my shop, and I get a lot of internal traffic as well as traffic from search engines. I only have 17 items for sale there at the moment, but I have very high hopes that my business will be successful on this venue.

Etsy and Artfire succeed through their sellers, but if their sellers leave to other venues, these new venues can succeed too. It's the beginning of the year and now is a great time to think long and hard about your business, and what you believe will help you succeed.


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