Saturday, January 7, 2012

My cat is actually a dog.

Or she acts like she was a dog in another life. I bought her a pack of plastic coil toys, and she loves them so much that she actually fetches them and brings them back to me like a dog.

Katniss's favorite color appears to be blue, because that's the toy she plays with the most. If I pick up the blue toy I have her immediate attention, and when I throw it across the room she runs, picks it up in her mouth, and runs back over to me.

Of course I have to take it and throw it again because it's just so darn cute. Sometimes she gets smart and when she comes back over she lays on the toy so I can't get to it.

Sometimes I throw it to a tough place, and she can't reach it so she will circle the area and cry until she can find it.

I bought these toys from Vitacost. My husband didn't believe the cats would even play with them.

1 comment:

Annamae said...


I mean a kitty...I mean...ohmygodthatface...

Kitty...adorable...and fetch?! *explodes from cuteness*


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