Sunday, September 21, 2008

Etsy Artist Feature 21 : clairelaraine

It is important to show the world the charms of handcrafted items, and I plan to do this one artist at a time. Today I feature Claire Laraine from North Yorkshire, United Kingdom. Below you can find her interview:

1. What is the first memory of crafting that you can recall?

Since I can remember I have had a love of fabrics, colour, pattern but most importantly, creating. I have spent years gathering and hoarding scraps of fabrics, beads, buttons, ribbon, anything that I thought might just be useful for something!

2. What do you specialize in?

I specialize in making accessories (bags, purses, pocket mirrors, jewellery, notebooks etc) and follow the mantra of 're-new and re-use', no little scrap of fabric can escape, I am always on the hunt for faded remnants, or a fragment of jewellery I can bring a new lease of life to. My mission is to find all the 'forgotten' fabrics in the world and make them beautiful again. I like the idea that when you make a purchase from Claire Laraine, you will be helping us to do 'our bit' for the environment together.

3. What made you decide to open up a shop on Etsy?

I already had my own website with an online shop, but decided to become a part of Etsy because I liked the idea of being 'surrounded' by other great creative people.

4. How did you choose your shop name?

I chose to use my actual name!

5. What are your hopes for the future?

In the immediate future I hope to continue to build my online business, and branch out into other areas, I hope to be able to provide every accessory anyone could possibly want! Then further in to the future I hope to be able to open a bricks and mortar shop, and sell all my lovely handmade creations, as well as some of those that I have featured in my 'Partners in Crime' venture.

6. How do you feel about custom orders?

I am always open to custom orders, especially as I work with re-newing and re-using fabrics and 'found' items, I would be happy to make something for somebody from a special piece of fabric they might have, or a favourite button or something similar!

7. Try to sum up your workspace in as few words as possible.

Quite small but very full! Inspiring to work in, and it says lots about me.

8. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I would also like to mention in more detail about my 'Partners in Crime' blog, where I feature other UK sellers and their lovely creations, and I will soon be running monthly give aways. So, please have a look and support lots of other fabulous crafters. http://www.clairelaraine-partnersincri

How can people get in contact with you?

email me -

Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to visit Clair Laraine's Etsy Shop today!

CM Designs dba 1337 Art

Elite Art for the elite at heart. Featuring jewelry for men and women, art collage, awareness items, bookmarks, cell phone charms, hair accessories, key chains, kilt pin brooches, wine charms, and more.

Custom orders are accepted.

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kim* said...

great feature & products.
i especially like the tag...its so crafty-ish.

La Alicia said...

cool interview! love that tag!


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