Monday, August 4, 2008

Great Finds - Trees and Leaves

Inspired by a good friend of ours we decided to scope out some great tree and leaf themed items to show you.

The first thing we want to show you is a beautiful copper sculpture pendant by Meditations. It was inspired by the lost oak trees of famous New Orleans cemeteries.

You can find this lovely Nightmare Oak pendant as well as other great items at Meditation's Etsy Shop:

Next we want to show you this amazing fire finished leaf pendant by Marriageofmetal. It is made completely out of copper. Simply beautiful!

You can find this fire finished leaf pendant for sale at Marriageofmetal's Etsy Shop:

Next we found an eerie and very pretty tree painting by Treeartist. This ACEO is the standard 2.5" x 3.5" -- the size of a trading card. It's a great way to own a beautiful piece of artwork for a great price.

You can find Windblown for sale at Treeartist's Etsy Shop:

Last we wanted to show you this great leaf ribbon from Cardblanc. We actually purchased some of this ourselves, and it is very nice! We plan on using it to make jewelry and a birthday card for our friend.

You can buy this leaf ribbon in a package of 3 yards from Cardblanc's Etsy Shop:

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