Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Dragon Items!

Masculinity has been on our minds lately as we work on new designs and items. Dragons are a very popular and well known creature, and they have a special place in the hearts of men. Today we have to offer you two new dragon products for the man in your life or for yourself.

The first dragon is a dark style necklace suitable for casual wear. We used an interesting pewter dragon pendant (measures ~5cm) and black (dark grey) gun metal chain. It is a nice mix of metals at an affordable price.

You can find our Dragon Whisper Masculine Necklace for sale at our Etsy Shop:

The second dragon we have for you is a kilt pin in a dark/goth style. It also has a nice mix of metals including gun metal, pewter, sterling silver, and silver plating. We also added two 6mm Snowflake Obsidian "orbs" that add a nice touch to the overall piece.

Our kilt pins can be put on your jacket, shirt, purse, tote bag, pants, kilt, skirt, scarf...just about anywhere. They are a nice added accessory to express your personality.

You can find our Dragon Kilt Pin Brooch for sale at our Etsy Shop:

Thank you so much for looking. Please keep checking back for more masculine items. If you have a request you can email your inquiry to

CM Designs dba 1337 Art

Elite Art for the elite at heart. Featuring jewelry for men and women, art collage, awareness items, bookmarks, cell phone charms, hair accessories, key chains, kilt pin brooches, wine charms, and more.

Custom orders are accepted.

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Jackie said...

Your blog page leaves me speechless and ... intimidated! Awesome!

Mine is:

Maybe I can try to use some ideas I get from looking at yours...

Ben Mcfuzzylugs said...

Thankyou for your kind words.
Love your blog its amazin - and dragons are my fave thing in the world
Yours are great


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