Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taking Risks for your Business

I am in the jewelry business, and it's important to know your products inside and out. I went and got my ears pierced the other day (first time ever!), and ever since then I have a new understanding and view on earrings.

I reviewed the earrings that I currently have for sale as well as the ones previously made, and I can already tell my earring designs will never be the same. Change is good, and experience is better!

It's different to see things than to actually experience them. Now I can perfect the art of earring design; what hangs good, what works better with posts than with fishhooks, etc. It will be a whole new learning experience that I cannot wait to get started with.

It makes me think what other "risks" that I can take to better my business as well as better serve my customers. It also makes me think about people who do not have pierced ears. I'll be offering some clip on earrings sometime in the near future to better accommodate the needs of every customer. If you have any special requests for clip on earrings or any other jewelry design please feel free to contact us at We will be happy to work with you to achieve the piece of jewelry you have always wanted.

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