Sunday, December 21, 2008

__1337 Art on

I recently made my first sale on, and I am going to be focusing more individual time on my Artfire site. In the next couple of days, for example, I will be listing a couple of items only available through my Artfire site instead of my Etsy site. Please check back on my blog as I will post when the new items have been added.

My Artfire shop will also include clearance items, supplies, and experimental items. I'm very excited!

It's really exciting to get started on a new selling venue website. They offer a lot of features that Etsy does not such as viewer stats, free listings, no transaction fees, and more.

We've had some great Winter weather out here, and I am definitely taking advantage of all this free time! New items will be added to both of my shops soon, and I have a huge list of other things to get started on.

Just a quick note to my followers - if there is any particular subject that you would like to read from my blog please feel free to let me know either by leaving a comment or sending me an email at

Thank you very much for reading,

Happy Holidays!

CM Designs dba 1337 Art
[Elite Art for the elite at heart.] Featuring jewelry for men and women, awareness items, bookmarks, brooches, cards, cell phone charms, clip on earrings, cuff links, hair accessories, wine charms, and more!

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Art Fire said...


Congrats on your sale. Thank you so much for adding your creative voice to the ArtFire community. I look forward to working with you to build something genuine and wonderful.



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