Friday, February 1, 2008

Etsy Artist Feature 7: wildewear

It is important to show the world the charms of handcrafted items, and I plan to do this one Etsy artist at a time. Today I feature Tricia from Boston. She is an amazing clothing designer that is full of life and enjoys the work that she does. Below you will see some of her favorite items that are currently for sale:

And below you can read her interview:

1. What is the first memory of crafting that you can recall?

My first crafting memory was making an apron out of green and white check fabric. I lived with my grandmother in Ireland and she taught me to sew and knit and make just about anything with my hands. I was 6 and haven't stopped since!

2. What do you specialize in?

I now design clothes some one of a kind from recycled sweaters and others are just designs I make up. I design cloths that are both visually and texturally interesting that are easy and comfortable to wear. I dislike boring clothes and try to create designs to inspire others creativity.

3. What made you decide to open up a shop on Etsy?

I had heard about it and when I went to check it out I was just completely blown away by the amazing creativity and talent here. It has so inspired my own creativity, I think I have grow as a designer.

4. What are your hopes for the future?

I hope to continue to sell on etsy and work out of my home. I love the idea of creating, designing and making the cloths I sell. I just love my job! I have Etsy to thank for that. Everyday I wake up I just can't wait to start my day on Etsy and in my studio. It's an amazing gift.

5. What are some of your favorite past times?

Wow past times....I have so many things I just love to do. I am a contact improvisation dancer (they have a website which explains better than I ever could), I love to snow board with my 3 sons (I stay off the half pipes though cos I am chicken!), I love to sail and windsurf, I love to recycle and create all kinds of stuff from things found, I love to learn languages and basically I love to explore life.

6. Try to sum up your workspace in as few words as possible.

My workspace is a dynamic ever changing place, sometimes neat, and other times like dangerous!

How do you feel about custom orders?

I can take custom orders, but there times when I need to slow down and only sell my listing. I also have some wholesale accounts.

Would you like to include an image of yourself, the artist?

Most of the photos are me. When I am lucky I can get some dance friends to model. The attached are some of my favorites and are all me. Here are a few of my current favorites in my shop.

You can contact wildewear through her Etsy shop:
You can also email her at

Thank you so much for taking the time to read.

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Felicia said...

Groovy interview :)

Dharma Designs said...

Great interview! I LOVE that you support Etsy artists!


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