Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Great Finds - For your Pets!

Attention pet lovers and owners! We have found some great items for your pets. Each item is unique and handmade.

The first thing we wanted to show you is a goldfish cat bed--we've never seen anything like it! Your cat sleeps inside the fish's mouth, and all that's left of them is their tail. It's adorable, and it makes a great gift for yourself, a friend, or your pet.

You can find this clever cat bed for sale here:


The next thing we found is a cute tighty whitie dog toy! It even squeaks!

If you are tired of your dog (or cat?) eating and playing with your unmentionables, this toy is the perfect solution!

You can find this dog toy for sale here:


Next we have...

Minty organic catnip inside of...that's right, an eye ball!

These are perfect for mischievous kittens and curious cats.

The catnip is made in New England, and the eyes have been kitty tested.

Surprise your favorite kitty today, and have him or her occupied for days.

They are great for chewing, pawing, clawing, patting, and looking cute with.

You can find these catnip eyeballs for sale here:


The last thing we have to show you today are doggy donuts! They are completely chocolate free, and they are organic! You can even choose your colors!

Coffee for you, and a donut for your dog?

You can find these tasty looking doggy donuts here:


Thank you so much for looking! We hope you enjoy these great pet finds.

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iSew said...

Love that cat bed. Too bad my enormous cat wouldn't fit.


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