Friday, May 16, 2008

Owls - O Rly?

We'll never completely understand the philosophy behind the owl trend, but the least we can do is enjoy it.

Owls are known as the protectors of the after life, and they are associated with intelligence, power, mystery, intuition, brilliance, perspective, and more.

Furthermore these nocturnal creatures are symbolic of psychic ability, inner knowing, and intuition.

We have designed two brand new owl pieces: a quaint pair of earrings and a chic cell phone charm: both equipped for our modern society.

The earrings are made with Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, Antiqued Pewter, and Czech Glass.

You can find the owl earrings for sale here:

The cell phone charm is made with Sterling Silver, Swarovski Crystal, Czech Glass, Antiqued Pewter, and a Silver Plated cell phone finding/lanyard.

The lanyard can easily be switched out for a nickel plated key ring at no extra charge.

You can find the owl cell phone charm for sale here:


CM Designs
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