Monday, May 19, 2008

Great finds - Leather Roses!

Looking to combine two lovely, romantic, sexy things? We found three beautiful items that combine roses and leather!

Have an anniversary coming up? These items will make a great gift for anyone.

The first thing we want to show you is a leather rose. A fine piece of work that will last for years without water. Present this rose to your girlfriend with some babybreath and ferns.

You can find this lovely rose at Leatherpedia:

The next item we want to show you is a beautifully made leather rose wallet.

This wallet has been hand carved, hand tooled, hand stitched, hand painted, and dyed.

You cannot pass up that fine detail work. It's the perfect style for anyone--casual and sexy.

You can find this rose wallet at CopperSpringsLeather:

Lastly we have a gorgeous leather rose belt. This hand tooled dark brown leather belt is a unique find.

It will go great with your black jeans, black tank top, and heels.

You can find this belt for sale at BeasBargains:

Thank you so much for looking! Have a great time shopping!

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Nicole Solo said...

LOVE copperspringsleather :)


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