Thursday, May 22, 2008

Promotional Tip: Classified Ads

Does your local town or city have a newspaper? Why not advertise your business for a low monthly/weekly fee with a classified ad? People read newspapers at work, on the bus, in long grocery store lines, with their coffee, among a lot of other places.

Our local newspaper comes out monthly, and it is also free so a lot of people like to read it. We place a classified ad in it every month to inform our local area that our business exists. Even if you don't notice any increase of sales for awhile, if people begin to see your ad every month in the paper, they will know where to look when they are in need of your products.

Classified ads are a much cheaper alternative to placing actual picture ads. Check out the classifieds section of your local newspaper to see what kind of ads are published and how to place your own ad.

It is best to keep your ad simple. We use the following (or variation of) for our ads:

Handmade jewelry, bookmarks, and more! Special requests are accepted. Support your local artist: CM Designs

A lot (if not all) newspapers also have an online website for the convenience of their readers. If you purchase a classified ad it will show up in the actual printed newspaper as well as the newspaper's website. That is twice the advertising!

Thank you for reading and happy advertising,

CM Designs
Elite Art for the elite at heart. Featuring jewelry for men and women, art collage, awareness items, bookmarks, cell phone charms, key chains, and more! Custom orders are accepted.

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