Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Musings - Coffee!

The sweet elixir. Nothing beats the smell of fresh coffee brewing in the morning before you trudge off to work. Nothing brings coworkers together quite like coffee either. It's like a universal language with the words being "friendship" and "mmm..."

I've been drinking it since I was 12, and since then I have turned many people onto it. Even after so many mornings, afternoons, evenings, and nights I am always awe stricken when this beautiful liquid touches my tongue.

It's flavor and stimulating effects are like a recipe for inspiration. It heightens my creativity, and it is also relaxing. I don't drink coffee for the caffeine. I drink it for the taste - for the experience.

And off I go. To see if I can catch my favorite barista at the local coffee shop. Enjoy your day and your coffee!

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See Also: My How to Make a White Chocolate Mocha at Home post.

Thank you so much for reading!!

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Mendy said...

LOL! I blogged about coffee today, too! Iced coffee, and a new way to make it. (New to me, at least.)

Cherry Tart Design said...

I love that bookmark! Oh, how we are slaves to the morning caffeine!

Shrimp Salad Circus said...

haha I blogged a recipe w/espresso yesterday. Coffee fiends, anyone?


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